Around Matsushima


From your room on the seaside, an ocean view of Matsushima Bay greets you.
Make the most of our resort in the room of your choice.

Top-Floor Basho-tei Suite with Open-Air Bath: "Matsu-no-Ma"

A guestroom and parlor on our highest floor, where you can indulge in the ocean view. The room comes with an open-air bath offering a private experience with Matsushima Bay and a natural hot spring.

Open-Air Bath
Suite with Open-Air Bath: Matsu-no-Ma
Top-Floor Basho-tei Suites: Momiji and Sakura
Top-Floor Basho-tei Suites: "Momiji" and "Sakura" Designer twin rooms in our top-floor Basho-tei suites. The balcony offers a fantastic view of Matsushima Bay to savor.
Seaside Japanese Room
Seaside Japanese Room
Seaside Japanese Twin
Seaside Japanese Twin A modern Japanese room with twin beds on a tatami mat floor.
【Townside Rooms】 Relaxing Double Twin【Townside Rooms】 Relaxing Double Twin
【Townside Rooms】 Relaxing Double Twin Our Western-style rooms with views of the town come at reasonable rates.
Perfect for business or pleasure. Beds are a comfortably large at 1.1 x 1.4 meters.


  • Dinner: Japanese Kaiseki + Open Kitchen
  • Breakfast: Japanese-Western Buffet
Dining Hall: "Matsushima"
Carefully selected local fresh foods provide a vivid gourmet presentation.
Dinner: Japanese Kaiseki
Breakfast: Japanese-Western Buffet
Relish the hospitality of the chef's cooking to your heart's content.
Dinner5:30 – 9:00 p.m. (last order @8:30)
Breakfast7:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Dining Hall: Matsushima


Come for the Japanese Kaiseki and the Open Kitchen meals cooked right before your eyes.

  • Dinner
  • Dinner
  • Dinner
  • Dinner

For dinner, we serve freshly made meals including a tray of Japanese Kaiseki and an Open Kitchen meal.
For the Open Kitchen, we fry seasonal fish and vegetable tempura, served with grilled Sendai cow tongue and sizzling steak.
All ingredients are prepared to maximize their flavor.


Japanese-Western Buffet made from carefully selected fresh ingredients.

  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast

For breakfast, have a Japanese-Western Buffet prepared with choice local foods.
Offerings include rice, eggs, vegetables and more. Foods are painstakingly prepared every morning so you can experience their true natural flavor.
Treat yourself as much as you like to a Japanese-style breakfast.

Hot Spring

Enjoy a hot spring that gently gives your skin a thorough treatment, while taking in a gorgeous view.

Hours5:00~9:30 / 15:00~24:00
Private Family Hot Spring Bath: Nagomi
Private Family Hot Spring Bath: "Nagomi" Utterly pamper yourself in a spacious hot spring bath you can rent out for complete privacy.
*Incurs a separate bathing fee.
  • Natural Hot Spring: Kihada-no-Yu
  • Natural Hot Spring: Kihada-no-Yu
Natural Hot Spring: "Kihada-no-Yu"
Delight in an ocean view form an open-air bath with a panoramic outlook of Matsushima Bay.
The waters beautify your skin and help it retain moisture. The large communal bath also has a sauna.

Relaxation Room

Aroma Salon: "Setsugekka" / Massage: "Temomiya"

Relaxation Room
Aroma Salon: "Setsugekka"
Find aromatic fragrances amid beautiful scenery in all four of Matsushima's seasons. Experience "Tsuki on Iyashi," a treatment fusing the lunar cycle with aromatherapy.
Massage: "Temomiya"
Soothe your travel-weary body with a massage for your feet, hands, shoulders and head. It's another relaxing time to be had during your hot spring stay.
Relaxation Room


Gift Shop
Gift Shop The store handles Sanriku dried seafoods, craftwork, sweets and plenty of other souvenirs.
Japanese Dining: Raku Raku
Japanese Dining: Raku Raku Enjoy local Miyagi sake and seasonal flavors in a laid-back setting.
Karaoke Pub: Blue Light
Karaoke Pub: "Blue Light" Nothing goes together like singing and drinking. The studio contains two karaoke rooms.
Multipurpose Hall: Kalmia
Multipurpose Hall: "Kalmia" The hotel also has large, medium-sized and small halls. Choose the one that suits your purpose and the number of guests.
Banquet Hall: Tenkai
Banquet Hall: "Tenkai" Rent this hall for events ranging from Japanese- or Western-style banquets to conferences, seminars or parties.
Karaoke Rooms: Rose and Cattleya
Karaoke Rooms: "Rose" and "Cattleya" Spend a relaxing time sipping on sake and enjoying karaoke.


Matsushima Sightseeing Cruise
Matsushima Sightseeing Cruise Take a 50-minute cruise with fantastic views of the many islands in Matsushima Bay. The departure point is very close to the hotel.
Zuigan-ji Temple
Zuigan-ji Temple Founded by feudal lord Date Masamune. The main hall features traditional shoin-zukuri architecture, which gives the beautiful roof its elegantly beautiful appearance. Inside are many national treasures and important texts.
Godaido Temple
Godaido Temple The Buddhist monk Jikaku Daishi enshrined the Five Great Kings of Wisdom in five statues at this temple. Today's building is a reconstruction commissioned by Date Masamune in 1604.
Kanrantei Also known as the Date clan's moon-viewing hall, Kanrantei offers an incredible view of Matsushima from high above. Relax here with a cup of tea.
Entsu-in Temple
Entsu-in Temple Situated next to Zuigan-ji Temple, this is the family temple of Lord Masamune's grandson, Mitsumune. Inside, visitors can try making their own beadwork.
Michinoku Date Masamune Historical Museum
Michinoku Date Masamune Historical Museum See life-size dolls of great people from the Tohoku region, including Date Masamune and bacteriologist Hideo Noguchi.


Welcome to Matsushima Century Hotel.

Matsushima offers one of the Three Great Views of Japan.
Situated in the heart of the Matsushima Coast, our hotel has an irresistible location where you can relax and take in amazing scenery.
Matsushima's picturesque scenery, historical sights, temples and other tourist attractions are all within easy walking distance.

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